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Landscapes by Selenada

First and last of The Circle (‘98-‘06)


Steve and Bucky


“Make it so.” - Jean-Luc Picard


Make it so.” - Jean-Luc Picard






Knope-Wyatt triplets


Knope-Wyatt triplets

Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2014 Details 

Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2014 Details 

Game of Thrones Sex Tip #312


Have completely consensual sex next to your inbred son’s corpse.

❝ When I was just a boy I wanted to be one of two things, a farmer or a train driver. However, upon my first visit to London my aspiration changed suddenly when I found trains being driven underground. From that moment onwards there was only one path, one thing I wanted to be when I grew up. A tube-train driver. My family were supportive in my decision and signs of encouragement were offered at Christmas in the form of a train set to play with. My father would engage my interests and together we bonded over this strange obsession I had awoken with one morning. After years of dizzying myself with electric trainery my secure future crumbled one evening in front of the television. I was watching Top of the Pops and a man who I thought was Jason Donovan but later turned out to be Kurt Cobain was performing his smash hit “Smells like Teen Spirit”. Being only seven or eight years of age at the time, the fact these fellas were making a complete joke of the performance eluded me. They were intending to have a comedic effect on the viewer but in my instance the effect was felt very differently. For years my attention had been focused on becoming a tube driver until a three-minute encounter with Nirvana changed my destiny. My parents refused to buy me an electric guitar until I stopped sucking my thumb as they claimed I would electrocute myself and fill the house with that awful burning hair smell so I set about making one from cardboard and expired toilet rolls. This venture was short lived and my parents, after having invested so much time in my original passion of train driving were reluctant to accept a fresh beginning. They pushed more railway paraphernalia on me at birthdays and Christmas, and I continued to fashion guitars out of anything I could find. After a few years of this incessant tussle they allowed me to pool £199 of my life savings into a Yamaha Pacifica 112 electric guitar on my eleventh birthday. Where, how or when I started playing the Double Bass I just don’t know. I suppose in life you find your path and follow it and do the things that feel natural to you. I was once told that the wise man takes the path of least resistance but I would surely call that laziness. Our journey as a band has been one of immense intensity and over the past eighteen months we have found ourselves leaping at many hurdles and climbing all sorts of mountains but every step of the way still felt right. There have been moments where I wish I had pursued a career on the Underground as it is hard to go away all the time and leave the ones you love only to come back to go away again, but truly I cannot imagine a more correct place in the world for any one of us Sons. ❞
- Ted Dwane (x)


look if they cut tommen’s kittens from the show im done

ser pounce is VITAL


On a scale of 1 to Littlefinger, how uncomfortably creepy was your Easter Sunday?



Mad Men behind the scenes photos. From here (and there are more!)